Time to take a close look at ISO 17025

The progress with updating ISO 17025 has taken a big step forward with the release of a draft for comment. NATA has made the draft document available for comment. The proposed revisions incorporate the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. This means taking a risk management approach to management systems. It also calls for a review and …read more »

The truth is out there

Our social media feeds are filling up with the doom and gloom of celebrities and musicians we lost in 2016. The world has also experienced some tumultuous events through the likes of Brexit, Trump and the long-running war in Syria. But it’s been a great year for science, with some important discoveries and insights into …read more »

How to make NATA happy about your calibrations

The NATA equipment tables might be on their way out! Who will tell me how often to check my gizmo? You’ve been minding your own business and just doing as NATA says to do for equipment calibrations for years.  Now they tell you that you might have to work out your own calibration frequencies and ‘prove’ that they are suitable. …read more »

3 most embarrassing mistakes in metrology

In honour of World Metrology Day, which occurs on May 20th,  we pulled together a list of the three most embarrassing mistakes in metrology in celebration of measurement scientists across the world. They’re sure to make you glad you’re good at your job. Mars Climate Orbiter It was September 1999 and our focus was on the Y2K …read more »

New MAS website!

Welcome to the new MAS website! We’ve scrubbed and dusted and created a new MAS website just for you! As well as a new look and feel, we’ve made it easier for you to find what you need. Buttons on the landing page will take you directly to the information you’re seeking. For example, the …read more »