accreditation and certification consultant services help you work smarterMAS Management Systems provides accreditation consultant services to help your lab work better and smarter. .

Why do you need us? Because we want to help you achieve your goals for compliance and business excellence. Our aim is to be your trusted advisor. We care not only about your accreditation journey but also about your business as a whole.

If you’re considering applying for NATA accreditation, we can help you unravel the NATA maze and make the process as smooth and stress free as possible.

On the other hand, if you already have accreditation, we’ll support your lab to maintain it. This support can be with your systems, internal audits or even being right there at the assessment with you.

Perhaps you need support with setting up systems or compliance with ISO 9001. We can help with this too!

The headings below provide more detail on the accreditation consultant services we provide. And don’t worry if your lab needs more than one of these services. We can mix and match to ensure we find a solution for your unique business needs.

And of course you’re always welcome to contact us for an obligation free confidential discussion. NATA ISO 17025 lab accreditation consultants.

NATA Accreditation

NATA Accreditation is sought by laboratories as formal recognition that an organisation is competent to carry out specific tasks.

At MAS Management Systems, we assist you with attaining your NATA accreditation goals, regardless of your industry.

This includes services in:

– management system development and maintenance
– internal auditing
– pre-assessment audits
– training in understanding accreditation requirements.

We can also help you to develop management systems which are integrated with your existing business systems.

You’ll benefit from our extensive experience working within the accreditation industry. Our excellent understanding of the NATA accreditation process and the requirements for NATA accreditation means that we can smooth your accreditation journey.

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ISO Certification

Certification is the third party recognition that a product, service, system, process or material conforms to specific requirements.

There are a number of types of certification available, including management system certification and product certification.

At MAS Management Systems, we offer assistance to organisations undergoing management system certification in a range of areas.

The most well known examples of management systems certification are quality and environmental management systems as conforming (respectively) to ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 standards.

Certification programs also exist for a range of aspects of business operations, including Food Safety/Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Safety management systems.

Management Systems Made Easy

There are a variety of approaches to quality management, as demonstrated by the profusion of standards and codes of practice available across industries.

The core of these standards and codes is that implementation of the philosophy will lead businesses to be more productive, effective and competent.

However, delivery of this outcome can be difficult to achieve.

We can assist your organisation to reach your certification goals for a variety of programs.

With our experience in the conformity assessment industry, coupled with our staff’s formal management training and experience, we offer an exceptional service in assisting businesses to realise these goals with a minimum of fuss and expenditure.

We can also help you to develop management systems which are integrated with your existing business systems.

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Pre-Assessment and Internal Audits

Are you struggling to resource your internal auditing requirements?

Are you worried about how you’ll go in your NATA accreditation or certification assessment?

MAS Management Systems has experts auditors on hand who can come in and do the job for you, against any set of requirements.

This means that you can concentrate on getting on with the job you do best.

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Quality Management services

There’s no need to resource the role of Quality Manager from your own staff.

We can take away the hassle and do the job for you!

As well as saving you time and money, this can lead to real improvements in your business.

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Training courses

Do your staff need training in NATA accreditation (ISO 17025/ ISO 15189/ ISO 17020/ GLP)?

Or do they need upskilling in technical tasks like Measurement Uncertainty, Traceability or Internal Audits?

We can bring our training courses to your lab to ensure that your most important assets are functioning at their best.

Our flagship training courses cover Measurement Uncertainty, Traceability and Internal Auditing.

Measurement Uncertainty training course

Get the tools you need to assess the measurement uncertainty of your methods efficiently. Use that information to design your testing processes and calibration regimes to meet NATA’s requirements for metrological traceability.

The aim is for laboratory staff to intelligently evaluate the effects of various sources of measurement uncertainty so that an appropriate calibration strategy can be determined and submitted as a part of the NATA assessment process. The principles covered in this course can be extended to cover other sources of uncertainty and different analytical techniques.

Without a Trace

Do you need a clear plan to achieve traceability in your laboratory and meet NATA’s requirements for metrological traceability? Refresh your knowledge of traceability and develop appropriate strategies for ensuring the traceability of test results.

The aim is for laboratory staff to intelligently evaluate the traceability of calibrations and reference materials and respond to NATA’s requirements.

Internal Auditing 101 and beyond

Do you need to kick-start your internal audit program? Need to train up some new auditors? Or perhaps you’d like to get more out of your audits and make them zing? Our Internal Auditing 101 and Beyond workshop can help you to cover off the basics of auditing, learn techniques and tools for auditing, and re-invigorate your internal audit program so you get more bang for your buck.

The aim is for laboratory staff to learn or refresh their knowledge of internal audit techniques and interpersonal communication strategies. Participants will also learn handy tips for writing up audit notes and putting together an internal audit report that is useful for management. Managers can learn how to effectively schedule audits using a risk-based approach.

We also offer training in
– Quality Management systems
– Continuous improvement methods and tools
– Project management
– Method validation
– Business planning

Perhaps you need training that incorporates elements of all of these. We can tailor a training program to suit your needs.

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Method Validation, Measurement Uncertainty and Traceability

ISO 17025 and ISO 15189 require laboratories to validate their methods and estimate the measurement uncertainty of their results. Many laboratories are confused how to approach this. Is it all worth the angst? What real improvements can be realised through addressing this issue?

There are many benefits to understanding a measurement system. This includes improvements to the measurement process and greater understanding by the users of the quality of the results. Laboratory staff can use this information to identify possible improvements to various facets of their work, including equipment needs, calibration requirements and competency assessments.

At MAS Management Systems, our staff have skills in Chemistry and Microbiology and a practical understanding of the concepts of metrology and how these are used.

We can provide in-house training to your staff in this area and assist you to implement the requirements of ISO 17025 and ISO 15189.

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Business Improvement

Businesses sometimes need to improve their processes in order to achieve their strategic goals of improved profitability, increased market share, business growth or simply to stay in business.

Identification of improvements can be a difficult task, particularly when you are ‘living in the system’.

MAS Management Systems can assist organisations to identify business improvement opportunities and develop solutions to existing weaknesses.

With our expertise in continuous improvement, our innovative, practical and cost effective approach can help to lead your organisation towards meeting its strategic goals.

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Project Management

Project management is rapidly becoming a routine part of an organisation’s processes. It allows organisations to achieve goals more efficiently than by using traditional methods.

A project can be defined as an organisational endeavour with the following characteristics:

– an established objective

– a defined life span with a beginning and an end

– it usually involves several departments and professionals

– it normally is doing something that has never been done before

– it has specific time, cost and performance requirements.

Why is good Project Management important?

Good project management is important because so much of what  organisations do today fits the definition of a project. The characteristics of today’s society demand the development of new methods of management. The forces affecting this are:

– the exponential expansion of human knowledge

– the growing demand for a broad range of complex, sophisticated, customised goods and services

– the evolution of the global marketplace

– compression of the product life cycle

– corporate downsizing

– increased customer focus

– the creation of a multi-project environment comprising largely of small projects has brought with it big problems.

Project management helps to focus responsibility and authority for attaining the organisation’s goals on an individual or small group.

With over 25 years in project management, our staff at MAS Management Systems can assist organisations to develop project plans and implement those plans to ensure a project’s success.

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Our Service Promise

The philosophy of MAS Management Systems is to work with our clients to deliver the best quality solutions to your business problems. In delivering our service, we promise to:

– Act with integrity at all times

– Be courteous, helpful and professional in our dealings with you

– Provide timely service to our customers

– Listen to our clients to understand their needs and how we can best meet them

– Maintain confidentiality with respect to all documents and information gathered as a part of our dealings with you.

To achieve this we will keep you informed of any issues that affect our ability to provide you with a timely service.

We are also happy to enter into confidentiality agreements with your organisation prior to the commencement of work. We are covered by Professional Indemnity insurance, thereby providing you with additional assurance of our integrity.

If you are happy with our service, please take the time to tell us.

If you are dissatisfied, please assist by advising us, so that we can improve on our processes to better meet your needs.

We look forward to working with you!