ISO 15189 Update Course

Next Course: 17 January 2024 ONLINE

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Examining ISO 15189 updateThere’s a new ISO 15189 and knowing what that means can make for a lot of questions.

There is so much information online and so many courses about the ISO 15189 update it can be difficult to work out which one to choose.

Our course is different.

We get straight into the changes in ISO 15189 in one day so you don’t have to spend time on things you already know over two days. We do discuss their application in your lab.


But we also understand that often the reason you want to attend training is because of a specific issue.

Perhaps there’s a clause in Standard (even a pre-existing one!) that you don’t understand or don’t know how to implement. Or perhaps you thought you understood it but at your last assessment, the team said you didn’t and the lab was given a nonconformance. And what’s more troubling, this new Standard creates added uncertainty.

So we’d like you to think about which clauses you need more information about; and which ones you’d like to discuss with someone outside your facility and get insights into its implementation.

Then we’ll ask you to send us those clauses and any specific questions before the course starts so we can drill down into those a bit more during the training.

We don’t leave you high and dry after the workshop either – we’ll be in touch with you a few weeks after the training, just to make sure you’ve been able to apply what you’ve learned in your workplace!

Join us on 17 January 2024 and let’s get your questions answered!