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As you know, we’re always looking for ways to provide value for our clients. So we created this resources page – to help your laboratory work better and smarter.

Of course, we’d also love to know if there’s any questions you’d like answered. For example, it could be issues with an accreditation or certification body. Or perhaps you have concerns about your management system.  Maybe you need help with your internal audits. Whatever your question, we’re here to support you. II

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Don’t forget to check this resources page regularly so that you don’t miss out on updates. We’re sure you’ll find some handy and practical information you can use in your lab.


We’ve published a couple of articles about preparing for remote assessments. These are 5 Top Tips – how to prepare for remote assessments and More remote assessment tips

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We are pleased to have worked with these organisations:

Lab Law

You often don’t think you’ll need a lawyer and when you do it’s expensive. We’re about to change that view. Lab Law is a boutique law firm, specialising in advising labs on legal issues. We practice in the areas of contract review and development, commercial law, leases and conveyancing of commercial properties, employment law, IP law, environmental law, litigation and administrative law matters, such as those arising from regulators and NATA.

Our priority is to provide you with the best legal advice. We work collaboratively and transparently with our clients to deliver the best advice to you. And because our lawyers have worked in and with labs for all of their careers, we really understand your needs and your business.

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Westlab is a manufacturer and importer of laboratory equipment and consumables and assist labs with with their design and refurbishing projects.We are driven by three core motivators: creativity, speed and hassle-free supply. Through these core elements, Westlab is able to deliver tangible value directly to our clients.

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UBO Services Australia Pty Ltd

UBO provides on-site and off-site metal scanning services using a portable X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyser and consultancy services in inorganic laboratory analyses method development and optimisation.

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Analytical RnD

Analytical RnD provides advanced analytical research solutions in the field of food, environmental, veterinary and pharmaceuticals. The company aims to leverage advanced chromatography and mass spectrometry instrumentation to provide customised solutions to analytical needs and answers to core research problems. We offer analytical method development, validation and sample analysis services.

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