At MAS Management Systems, we provide transparent, practical, innovative and collaborative solutions to help our clients to solve their business systems and compliance problems. Our unique blend of skills, experience and ability to form teams of people to help solve your problem sets us apart from other consultants.


Problems we solve:

  • I don’t know how to comply with accreditation and certification requirements
  • I don’t feel confident working with accreditation and certification bodies and regulators to comply with business requirements
  • My staff aren’t trained in how to do things like internal audits, understanding NATA’s requirements, method validation, measurement uncertainty and metrological traceability
  • I don’t know how to optimise my inefficient, costly and ineffective business systems and this leaves me feeling stressed.


Who we are

Maree Stuart, Principal Advisor

Maree is the founder and leader at MAS Management Systems. She has broad expertise, with qualifications in Science, Management, Law and Policy.  Maree is an analytical chemist “by trade” and a management systems leader by experience. She specialises in business systems and compliance, and metrology of chemical and biological process. Prior to starting in the world of consultancy, she worked at NATA, a pharmaceutical company and in a large private pathology laboratory. Outside of the business, Maree enjoys spending time with her family, being involved in her local community, volunteering in a community legal centre, travelling, music and reading. Oh, and she manages to also fit in some sleep amongst all of that!

Alison Weston,  Advisor

Alison comes to MAS Management Systems with a wealth of experience in the education, communications, laboratory and healthcare sectors. Throughout her career, Alison has been actively involved in developing documentation and continuous business improvement projects across many industries. With experience in providing project-based editorial and administrative executive assistance for a high capacity laboratory  providing a chemistry, microbiology and DNA-based testing services to Food, Environmental, Biopharmaceutical, and Agrichemical sectors, Alison is very familiar with the laboratory sector.


We also engage with specialist consultants to meet the needs of client projects.

Contact Maree on 0411 540 709 or send us your details using the form below for us to contact you. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours of your query.