Designing your Lab to be Future-Ready!


In my work, I come across lots of laboratories wanting to improve the space in which they work. Let’s face it, improvement is not just about documents! Where do you go to get some professional advice on this important improvement project?

‘Laboratory Architect’ is a very niche profession. It makes sense though – there is so much to consider when designing a new lab! So many decisions are needed to create efficient, ergonomic, environmentally sustainable, budget conscience spaces!

I’ve seen lots of small businesses trying to find the right balance of creating a space for their current capabilities, and creating a space which allowed for future growth. Small businesses dreaming big want to make sure their labs have the potential to expand, but when you are starting out it’s difficult to stretch the budget. It is so important to accommodate future technologies and capabilities by efficient use of physical space; and it is worth spending time on this project to maximise potential.

I couldn’t help but relate this concept to my experiences as a quality systems auditor with some of my clients who ran small businesses. It’s a great problem to have- your business expanding much faster than anticipated. Exciting as it is being on the road to achieving your business goals, managing a fast growing business can leave you feeling overwhelmed. That’s when these businesses start to understand how a quality management system can be useful to them in managing new staff, monitoring the business and gaining back the control! Just as you consider the space you are working with and how you can design it most efficiently to ensure relevance when your goals are achieved, you need to consider designing systems that can be adapted for growth as well.