Reporting for Impact

Lab reports are like bees. According to the Earthwatch Institute, bees are the most important species on earth. These tiny creatures are responsible for ensuring pollination of up to 87 percent of leading food crops worldwide.  Some authors estimate that if insect pollination were to fail, economic losses would be about 8 percent at most. …read more »

12 Days of a Lab Christmas – Day 2

written by Maree Stuart As we head into the silly season, we’re delighted to present: The MAS Management Systems 12 Days of a Lab Christmas! On the second day of Christmas, our server went down! These days, most information and data are stored electronically. Apart from saving the planet, maintaining information in an digital format can …read more »

Happy customers, happy life!

written by Maree Stuart There’s a saying often used by many a marriage partner, “Happy wife, happy life”. The same can be said for our business relationships, both inside and outside our organisations. The question is how do you get to that point? Well, like any partnership you have to work at it. But the investment …read more »

Lab report writing 101

You are an expert in your lab. You know your procedures and can carry these out with your eyes closed (although from a safety perspective we hope this isn’t happening!). Once you’ve carried out your activity, you can put that information into your data collection device and that spits out your  lab report. Or perhaps …read more »