Root cause analysis

Corrective action under the microscope

When you get a wicked problem, do you just throw your hands in the air and give up? What about those problems that simply won’t go away? Or the dreaded negative findings in an external audit report, like a NATA report? Let me help you understand this better with a classic example of a problem …read more »

Problem solving: When Honesty is the best policy

  What happens when a management system to identify the causes of problems fails? Over Christmas, shoppers in Japan had an unexpected experience. Several hundred customers who ordered the “strawberry frill shortcake” later complained the cake had arrived damaged.   In response to complaints, the Department Store issued the following statement:   “We sincerely apologise …read more »

12 Days of Lab Christmas – Day 8

written by Maree Stuart As we head into the silly season we are delighted to present: The MAS Management Systems 12 Days of a Lab Christmas! On the eighth day of Christmas, two of our key staff resigned To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, losing one key staff member is a misfortune, to lose two looks like carelessness. …read more »

12 Days of a Lab Christmas – Day 3

written by Maree Stuart As we head into the silly season, we’re delighted to present: The MAS Management Systems 12 Days of a Lab Christmas! On the third day of Christmas, our Quality Manager discovered the benefits of a thorough root cause analysis. In an ideal world, everything would run smoothly with only very small bumps …read more »

World Metrology Day

We enjoy any opportunity to celebrate significant dates on the scientific calendar, but World Metrology Day continues to be a favourite. Not only because we run a Measurement Uncertainty training course on this day. But also because metrology plays such a central role in scientific discovery and innovation. This year’s theme is Metrology in the …read more »

Getting to the root of the problem

It’s Friday morning and as you walk out of your front door, you look up and think what a beautiful day it is. The overnight rain has left the air crisp and fresh. Stepping out onto the path, your foot slips on wet leaves and you feel yourself falling. You put your hand out to …read more »

Root cause analysis means digging deeper

We’ve written previously about root cause analysis and just how important it is for your quality system. Root cause analysis (RCA) is about problem solving – sort of like CSI for your quality system. As you get better at performing RCA, your process will be less reactive and more proactive, leading to improvements in your …read more »

How did THAT happen??

There are some things you never want to hear. Words like “uh oh” from your hairdresser when they’re standing behind you during a haircut. Or “I’ve never seen THAT before” when your doctor is looking at an x-ray. Or perhaps a guilty-looking family member asking, “How much did you like that (extremely valuable fragile item) …read more »