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Why should you pay for online training courses?

training courses onlineIt seems that everyone is a training expert these days.

In fact, with so many free online training courses available, you’re probably asking yourself ‘Why should I pay for online training courses?’

Well, here are 6 reasons:

1. It’s convenient

We like to find the easy road, the path of least resistance. Fast food, quick service, easy access. And we’re happy to pay to get it!

Research shows that many people will pay for premium content. That’s not just because it’s convenient but also because the content is all in one place, which reduces decision making.

Free content isn’t actually free. You pay for it with the time and effort you need to put in searching for and curating that content to make sure your needs are met.

Let’s say you woke up tomorrow and decided you want to learn how to play the tuba. You could go to YouTube and sift through the surprisingly large number of results.

But then you have to ask yourself – who do I trust? what are the next steps? This effort and the trial-and-error scrolling through videos could see you defeated before you even begin.

On the other hand you could head to somewhere like Lessonface and find a teacher offering exactly what you need in a logical structure.

No stress, no anxiety, just learning at your level when you need it. And that’s so much more convenient than YouTube scrolling!

2. It’s cost effective

When you pay for a training courses you get exactly the content you want, without the effort or risk. No refreshing the screen, closing pop ups or waiting for ads to play.

This is particularly so with an online course presenter in a live training course – you get someone who is committed to drive your learning results and shows you the whole process. Using proven strategies and asking the right questions means your course presenter gives you immediate feedback, one-on-one support and delivers a quality outcome.

Online training isn’t just about downloading a how-to guide.

3. It removes the guesswork

People look at training typically because they want to improve. They want to be smarter or more creative – they want to transform their skills and become a better version of themselves.

So, they look for online training because they don’t know how to make that transformation happen. 

However, free training typically only hints at how they can do it, rarely providing the full picture. How do you know what steps may have been missed out in the training?

Also, with paid online training participants can feel comfortable knowing that they’re…

  • learning from real industry professionals
  • able to interact with instructors
  • will have an option for follow up if they don’t understand something

…which is priceless value on top of the course fee.

4. It’s not unusual any more

With COVID forcing more of us to spend time in front of our screens, paying for content is now a normal part of life. In fact, consumers are actively seeking out platforms where they can pay to access content.

Why is this the case? A lot of it has to do with just how much content is out there.

Content shock relates to the overwhelming feeling you get when you’re inundated with content and not enough time to consume it. This has become a real mental health problem leading to stress, anxiety, and uncertainty.

Consumers want a way to take control and filter out the good from the bad. And an increasing number of people are willing to pay for access to online content for this very reason.

Paying for online training is our ‘new normal’.

5. People don’t value free content

Humans are a paradoxical lot.

If you give them something free, they’re delighted and can’t believe how lucky they are. But that feeling of excitement quickly disappears and they’re out searching for their next rush.

However, if someone works hard, saves up for something and finally has enough to buy it, they place much more value on that item.

Because people value what they pay for.

Someone who pays for a training course will perceive that it has more value and will get greater use from that training than someone who finds a free online workshop.

6. Nobody likes ads

Apologies to the advertising community but NOBODY likes ads!

Every month I pay a subscription fee to Spotify and it’s worth every cent. Why?

Because when I’m at a red light, belting out Born to Run like my car is the main stage at Bankwest Stadium, I don’t want my elation to be followed by an ad for Spotify Premium.

I want my music, movies, and television shows to be ad free. And the same thing goes for online training. Paying for premium content makes sense.

After all, isn’t that what you do now?

Head over to our training page and take a look at our courses – we’re sure you’ll find something to help you upgrade your skills and learn some new ones.

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