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How do you build a framework for business success?

business success by using a consultantNo business has ever regretted implementing standards for improvement. A quality management system is put in place because you want to deliver on the expectations of your customers.

Get this right, deliver your goods or services according to expectations while remaining compliant with regulations, and you have a recipe for business success.

A quality management system demonstrates your commitment to customers, regulators, and competitors.  It shows your business is serious about delivering quality.

Having a system in place:

  • Improves image and credibility
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Assists with decision making for business growth
  • Provides an integrated process to determine cost and efficiency savings

Think about ISO 9001 or ISO/IEC 17025 as a collection of process-oriented guidelines. These guidelines support your business in improving its performance and eliminates quality uncertainty.

Implementing a management system compliant with ISO standards is like a critical mirror. You can hold it up to your systems to determine if you’re doing what you claim to do. And if you really want critique of your business, you could seek third party certification or accreditation with an organisation like NATA.

However, implementing and maintaining a system to provide assurance of quality can seem daunting, particularly if you’re seeking third party certification.

Finding quality management system support

If you needed sound financial advice, rather than asking a friend, you’d seek out a professional service (unless your friend happens to be a financial guru!).

That’s why using a consultant to support your quality management journey makes good business sense. Google reviews and word of mouth recommendations are a tried and true way of finding a consultant. But once you’ve found one, how do you work out if they’re the right fit?

We’ve developed a short checklist of questions you can ask your prospective consultants. Armed with this comparison checklist, you can quickly work out which company has the credibility to boost your business.

However, despite the use of a checklist, there are also the intangibles to consider. Do you have a good feeling about the person you’re speaking to? Do you feel as though they’re genuinely interested in growing your business? If you’re seeking NATA accreditation help, do they know what that means?

But most importantly, once you’ve handed over your hard-earned money for implementing that system, will you ever see them again? Or will you hear the sound of crickets when you need further help?

What makes MAS different?

Once you’re a client, you’re stuck with us for life 😊

Plus, we’ve been where you are and understand your issues.

We can support your business by fine-tuning the system you have in place or creating an effective, efficient system specifically for you.

The best part is, we’re able to help you every step of the way.

That doesn’t just mean assessing what you need now. It also means:

  • working on plans for future growth
  • training your staff to make sure they’re clear on what they’re doing – and why
  • auditing your processes to make sure they’re being implemented correctly
  • being there to advocate for you during third party audits

We can support your business by fine-tuning the system you have in place or creating an effective, efficient system specifically for you.

Contact us or call Maree on 0411 540 709 for a confidential, obligation free discussion on how we can support your business to work better and smarter.

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Remember, you don’t have to do this alone! 

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