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Temperature Controls achieves NATA accreditation!

Temperature °Controls achieve NATA accreditation ISO 17025
It took just over two years, but on 10 August 2021, Temperature oControls were thrilled to finally be granted NATA accreditation!

Considering the restrictions placed on businesses during The Time of Covid, this achievement is even more noteworthy.

The beginnings

Temperature oControls began in 1988, originally focussing on producing temperature and level sensors for industrial applications.

The company now employs almost 50 people. As well as the Sydney Head Office, it has branch offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, and a joint venture in New Zealand.

Its main manufacturing facility in Sydney has grown to encompass an impressive 2600 sqm facility coordinating its assembly, machining, and calibration activities.

It’s this facility that was the focus of their ongoing pursuit of making temperature sensors in Australia that meet the highest standards and accuracies. Managing Director Phillip Lonsdale displayed an impressive level of foresight. When the company purchased the Sydney premises seven years ago, he set aside space for a lab.

Phillip had been considering NATA accreditation for some time. It wasn’t until he brought Lab Manager Mick Durakovic on board that efforts really ramped up. Along with his previous experience in NATA accredited labs, Mick has over 25 years of industry experience. This put him in the driver’s seat in terms of pushing through accreditation issues as they arose.

And those efforts finally led to the lab achieving NATA accreditation for the calibration of RTD (resistance) sensors over the range of -50 to + 150°C with uncertainties at 0°C of 0.01°C.

The final hurdles

Using Mick’s experience – and with the encouragement of Phillip and his management team – MAS provided support through training, particularly in Measurement Uncertainty. We were also able to provide some ‘translation’ of the trickier parts of the accreditation requirements.

Fortunately we were able to get them through that final hurdle of assessment follow-up, interpreting what NATA was asking of Temperature oControls into plain English. MAS were able to mentor and work with Mick to bring some of the documents and records up to standard. This stopped the frustrating ping pong of communications between NATA and Temperature oControls post-assessment.

Temperature oControls will soon expand the scope of their laboratory. They aim to meet the needs of Australian and New Zealand customers involved in a number of industries. These include Gas and Oil Production, Aircraft Part Manufacture, Food and Beverage Production, Weather Metrology and Pharmaceutical manufacture.

MAS Management Systems were delighted to play a part in this NATA accreditation success story! Congratulations to Temperature oControls on this achievement – we’re excited to see where your journey leads you next.

For all your temperature control needs, head to their website or go straight to their Temperature Shop. If you’d like to discuss your requirements, they’d be happy to hear from you on (02) 9721 8644 or email sales@temperature.com.au

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