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5 powerful ways a consultant can help your business

NATA accreditation consultantHow many times have you heard the expression ‘two heads are better than one’?

Or heard someone bemoan the fact that they could do with an extra pair of hands.

By using a business consultant, you can add an extra brain and another pair of hands without getting bogged down in the process of a new hire.

Businesses can save money by bringing in a consultant with exactly the expertise they need at precisely the time they need it.

Here’s five excellent reasons why hiring a consultant could be the best business decision you’ve made.

You have a problem

Something has come up in your business and you don’t know how to fix it. In fact, nobody in your organisation has the skills to fix it! Finding a consultant with those skills means you won’t need to go through the process of hiring a new, permanent staff member just to fix this problem.

Compliance with standards or an upcoming accreditation or certification visit are perfect examples. Although you may have staff on board who are able to carry out the work, a consultant can come in and ensure that the processes and structure are correct before your precious staff resources start down the work path.

In fact, by bringing in a consultant in the early stages of the process to do a gap analysis, you could save thousands of dollars and time once the accreditation or certification body steps in.

You need a diagnosis

There’s something not quite right with your system. Perhaps your employees are a little too close to the issue and don’t believe there’s a problem. Or perhaps they’re so steeped in the process that they just can’t see it.

Bringing in a consultant means an external viewpoint. Someone from the outside, with relevant industry knowledge, will have a very clear and objective view of what’s happening.

Just as you don’t rely on a lawyer to give you a medical diagnosis from your symptoms, getting in the right consultant will help you to not only get the correct diagnosis, but help to determine the most suitable treatment for what ails your business systems.

floundering founder quality management systemYou need change

Consultants can be the catalyst you need to shake up your business and drive change. They can be brought in both to discover what’s needed and implement those changes.

This drive from an external person means that the corporate culture would be less affected than if a current employee were to do it.

In addition, the consultant isn’t invested in the culture. If people don’t like their actions, the consultant is only there for a short term to do a job – whether that’s major surgery or just first aid.

You need training

Staying competitive means staying on top of changes. Most businesses don’t have the capacity to send their people to individual training courses.

A consultant can be brought in for staff training, which means that the business can keep them up-to-date plus reduce the amount of downtime required to do so. In addition, keeping the training in-house means consistency of message across the organisation.

Not all consultants have the capacity to carry out effective training. Be sure to check their credentials before engaging them for this activity.

You need a fast learner

Since consultants work for lots of businesses, they tend to be a quick study. They can grasp company complexities quickly. Plus, they’ve seen what works and what doesn’t across multiple organisations.

This freshness of perspective is extremely helpful for any business. As well as challenging current concepts in a workplace, a consultant’s suggestions could spark exactly the type of innovative fire your business needs.

You need MAS!

At MAS Management Systems, we have the capacity and skills to support your business to be better and smarter.

As well as being a trusted advisor for our clients, we have extensive training experience. We can train staff on technical concepts such as measurement uncertainty as well as best lab practice and internal audits. Take a look at the courses we offer on our training page.

Contact us for an obligation free and confidential discussion. Email info@masmanagementsystems.com.au or phone Maree 0411 540 709.

You don’t have to do this alone!

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